Shipping Info

 We ship to all states within united states, WE DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR SHIPPING Nor Sales Tax During Check Out. Keep in mind when you place a order with us we will have to test the item to make sure the item is working properly and is not damaged in any way shape or form before we ship it out to you. So what that being said, In all pls allow up to {3} DAY'S FOR DELIVERY to receive your order We ship with the post office, this is due to the over whelming response in ordering and processing order's that were placed before your order,  and you can get your order sooner then that it all will depend on the post office it self. Now if you place your order over the weekend pls put into account that you will have to allow even more time to process and test your order before shipping it to you. Also if you order a product from us and it falls on a holiday, and We will be shipping your item as soon as the next business day will be Mon-Friday and you will receive all updated info sent via email to the same email on file with us so you can track your order in real time. I hope this info is helpful to you if you have more concerns pls send us an email to our customer service dept at SimpleShoppingDirect@Gmail.Com

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